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My Impossible List

Mayur Gharat
3 min readDec 5, 2020

I created a “My Impossible list” after watching a Skillshare course on productivity by Thomas Frank. It includes goals from various areas of my life. The purpose behind it is to set life’s true goals and constantly evaluate my progress.

I stole the format of the list from Thomas’s blog and he got the idea from Joel Runyon. According to Thomas, the impossible list is an ever-evolving list of experiences that build upon each other, hence the name impossible list.

Current Focuses

  • My main focus is to work as a designer in a Startup which is improving people’s lives. There are some tasks that I need to do to achieve that goal:
  1. Complete my undergraduate degree in fine arts with good grades.
  2. Crack design entrance exams and learn interaction design from prestigious University (Unfortunately University’s tag still matters)

Other activities I spent my time doing

  • Exercise and meditate every morning.
  • Cook and help my mother doing a few chores.
  • Work on college assignments i.e. drawing and painting.
  • Reading books. I want to read a lot.
  • Taking online courses on design, startups and entrepreneurship, programming and personal developement.

Last completed goals

  1. Started and failed a blog called Starting a blog was a big roadblock for me and starting something was a big step that I took and learnt valuable lessons.
  2. Built regular exercising habit using short challenges like exercise 2 minutes for 5 days, exercise 5 minutes for 10 days. Finally, Do a high-intensity interval training for 30 days with breaks such that I can’t miss two days in a row. Now I have completed almost two years of exercising regularly in the morning with few breaks to let my muscle recover and grow. Also, I have stacked meditation on it to make myself mentally strong.
  3. Read 50 books in one year.
  4. Got an internship as a UX designer.
  5. Learnt to cook a full meal.
  6. Became financially free by reading the book Walden and investing father’s money which can serve me the basic needs for the rest of my life.

Life Goals

  • Get an undergraduate degree in fine arts with 6+ CGPA.
  • Work in a startup which is impacting the world in a good way.
  • Write a book with the name “Life as a being”.
  • Start a social network startup with the name “Bucket”.
  • Help farmers to increase the productivity of their crops and sell for proper prices by using technology so that they can have the profit they deserve.
  • Have a minimalist life and be satisfied every day no matter what has happened throughout the day.
  • Cook meal and dinner for myself and the family for a whole one year.
  • Take my family to trip.
  • Build a side hustle business and donate the profit to a charity.
  • Help other people using my experiences to fulfil their dreams.
  • Read 1000 Books.

Fitness Goals

  • Purchase a new bicycle and ride it 2 km every day.
  • Update the exercise and nutrition plan.
  • Adapt a completely vegan diet.
  • Walk 2 km every day while listening to audiobooks.
  • Do 50 push-ups in a set.
  • Drink 5 litres of water for 10 days in a row.
  • Get dental cleaning for teeth.
  • Get a full-body health checkup.
  • Build muscles and abs.

Professional Goals

  • Work as a UX Designer in a company.
  • Write one page of a book everyday and self publish it.
  • Write 100 articles on personal journal blog.
  • Launch a youtube channel for showing drawing, painting and designing skills and publish the first video.
  • Help students achieve above 90% score in 10th exam.
  • Learn enough programming to develop professional android apps.
  • Become fluent in English.
  • Become fluent in German.
  • Launch a startup and get the first 10 users.
  • Create an online course.

Habit Goals

  • Do a morning workout 100 days in a row.
  • Do a morning meditation 200 days in a row.
  • Do gratitude journaling for 50 days in a row.
  • Read 10% of a book on kindle every day for a month.
  • Learn swimming.

Creative Goals

  • Learn to draw and paint realistic faces.
  • Sell art on an online platform.
  • Decorate the interior of my house with my artworks.
  • Learn to play the violin.

I will continue to explore new goals as well as evaluating and updating the progress of the above goals.

As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.

-Leonardo da Vinci.